Resources & Programs to Create iOS Games - With or Without Programming

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Published: 25th July 2012
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The video game business has become one of the most profitable business today, thanks to increasing number of smartphones coming to market that require entertainment software for its users, in turn, also responsible for proliferation of applications to meet this need with an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to use their creativity to create a game and thus make money.
An example of this boom are the commercial entertainment applications for mobile apps and iPhone or iPod which the Apple offers, they can also be sold giving the possibility to those who desire to do business with these products.
Surely more than once, most of us have wanted to create a smartphone game of our own, but for lack of knowledge or resources we could not. This article shares the basic knowledge about the number of tools and resources that will make life easier in case one wants to flourish in the world of game development.
Starting by discussing development kits or programs we will bring under discussion all the apps that are helpful in easy development of iPhone gaming apps.

Corona SDK
This application allows us to create cross-platform applications and games with ease because it incorporates a number of apps and physical engines to facilitate the task.
The SDK is free in itself, but to publish games or applications on the App Store a payment has to be made.

Cocos2d is a framework for Xcode, allowing us to create games and interactive content applications. Through a series of predefined functions, it makes the work easier to create scenes, movements, menus, etc.

Unity 3D
Unity3D is the development tool which allows us to develop games in 2D and 3D with its own graphics engine. The application is free, but to post in IOS will have to pay a license fee of $400 or $1500.

It is the ultimate application for creating games without programming skills. Unlike those mentioned so far, to use Gamesalad you will not need programming skills, since your own program comes with a set of attributes and predefined variables. The negative point of this interface is that according to aspects it has limited access. The program is free and allows you to post in the same way, but one needs to pay $499 to extend the license and have some improvements.

Stencyl Works
This application is one of the most recent and also the most unknown to many. It appears that it is somewhat similar to Gamesalad on the fact of not having to know programming, but it gives us options that have much broader amplifications. It may be a good starting point if you have been Gamesalad outgrown. The application is free but you will pay $ 149 a year to publish.

DAZ 3D is a program for Win or Mac, that lets you create 3-dimensional characters in a simple manner. Developers can set up hairstyles, clothes or poses anywhere on the body at will.
There is another app called Bryce, which can be termed as the first cousin of DAZ 3D, but in this case, instead of characters, it allows to create scenarios.

Sculptris is a modeling program that allows us, as if we are working with clay, shaping our characters from a field. This truly is the little brother of Zbrush, which is the professional version with payment.

GIMP is an image retouching tool Photoshop style, but the main advantage over the known program from Adobe, it's free. It serves to tweak or create your own images, either finishing touches or creating them from zero.

Daniel serves as senior app developer and analyst at SocialRender, a reputable company in app development market, far-famed for developing innovative iPhone applications.

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